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Questions On Leather Recliner Sofas

Questions On Leather Recliner Sofas

May 30,2022
This is Albert, has been making furniture for 10 years. I will try to share some ideas about lounge chairs and sofas.

Top class seats have longer service life, good aging and performs better: 

Longer duration:

This is not necessarily an objective standard to measure the quality of sofa. What is the threshold for chair wear or breakage? When the luster on the fabric or leather breaks? Or when the frame is no longer horizontal? High end products can usually maintain their integrity for a longer time - the decoration will not wear, and the frame will remain straight and stable for decades.

Good aging:

Leather will always stretch, wrinkle, change color and absorb grease. With the passage of time, high-end products will gradually do this like living people. Cheap things will remain fresh for a period of time, and then they will crack or become waste.

Better performance:

Better ergonomic research provides you with better support and reduces joint and muscle problems. The feel of the surface and fabric is pleasant (yes, this is an important thing, you need to pay), it is not bulky, it moves smoothly, and it will not squeak when moving on the seat. No gas shall be discharged.

You can serve as reference according to the above 3 points, choose and buy a good sofa, add a fun for the life ~
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